Don’t Get In the Way of Great Sex

Don’t Get In the Way of Great Sex

One thing that so many people who love to have great sex do is get in the way. We’re so eager to let loose and do things quickly that we can’t stop and wait for a moment to breathe. It might be the first thing he says when you two are together, “What are you doing?” or “Where did you think of this?” Or it could be any number of things that end up getting him to ask you to do something that he doesn’t really want you to do with him.

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The way you respond or try to change what he wants you to do is the way he views your sexuality. This can really hurt him emotionally and it might even drive him away from you. Don’t let this happen to you. If you’re not comfortable with being pushed or pressured, then you should avoid doing it altogether.

One of the best ways to give him some space is to show him that you can handle your own sexual desires and fancies on your own terms. You don’t have to follow his lead or do what he says. If he wants to have sex right now, then you two can skip the foreplay and just dive in! That’s fine with you and if he knows that you’re enjoying yourself, then he’ll feel more comfortable too.

Another good way to put some space in between you and him is to tell him that sex is for certain times, places, and people. This way, he won’t constantly be bugging you to get it on with him and won’t assume that you’re thinking about sex with him. If you’re going to have sex in a public place, like a restaurant or a club, make sure to take off your clothes and put them in a public place somewhere where he can see them. You can even leave your underwear at home if you think that he won’t come to harm. Don’t assume that he’ll understand because chances are he’s going to assume that you want to have sex in a private area.

When you’re talking to him in bed, make sure to talk to him in his own voice. Don’t babble out your words and talk as though he was a four-year old. He’ll be flattered that you found the time to talk to him like that, but chances are he’ll be a bit grossed out by it. He may even try to kiss you, which won’t go over so well. Keep all personal spaces open when you’re in the way of great sex and the two of you will feel more comfortable with each other.

Another thing to watch out for when you’re in the way of great sex is to make sure that you’re wearing something that covers you up well. For some men, they don’t take showers until after they’ve had sex. If you’re doing this, you need to be covered up, no matter what. If he sees that you’re wet, then he could think that you might hurt yourself or worse yet, get an STD. Keep yourself protected and be happy. Sex is great after all, so you should find the time to enjoy it!

The third thing to keep in mind is that you should never wear tight clothing or lingerie. If you have to wear some, make sure it’s not too skimpy. You’ll be able to control the breathing of your man while you’re having sex, which will lead to some amazing sex. It won’t be as tense if you can breathe freely, which will lead to even more passionate sex. Get into the mood and keep things going!

Finally, when you’re in the way of great sex, remember that your job is to please your partner and not him. This doesn’t mean that you have to do everything he wants or try to take control over every single aspect of the sex. It simply means that you have to find what makes him happy and give it to him. This might mean you change up your routine a bit or it might mean that you just go slow, but you have to do whatever he tells you to.

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