Why do some people feel attracted to animated personalities?

Why do some people feel attracted to animated personalities?

Recently, terms like fictoromance, fictosexuality, and fictophila have become quite popular. These terms explain people’s attraction to animated personalities. Despite people knowing it’s scripted and not real, they still feel attracted for several reasons. If you are wondering why this is so, then you’re in the right place. This article highlights some of the reasons people find themself attracted to some animated personalities.


●      Heightened features

If you’re the type to watch animated porn one thing you’d have noticed is that they often feature exaggerated body features. Even though viewers know that these features are unreal, and some inhuman, they still find them appealing. This could include an extra-large penis, big boob, big butt just to mention a few. Sometimes these animated characters may feature tails, horns, unrealistic skin color, and so on. Most times these features are heightened simply to satisfy the fantasy of many viewers.

●      They have what we need

Another thing about animated characters that make us so attached to them is that they often possess what we want. If it’s animated porn, then it could be the big boobs they have or the big penis they have that we want. Or if it’s a superhero animated movie, then it could be the superpowers they have. Animated characters often have heightened features either physically, mentally, or emotionally that we want. Hence by watching it, they manipulate minds through our emotions making us crave its features by what we see.

●      Identify with them

If you are a fan of animated movies, at one point in your life, you may have been trying to imitate them. Even though it’s by simply trying to imitate its acts, or try to speak like it, you are identifying with it. So when you see your favorite animated character in animated porn it will even entice you more. This is because you’ve studied the character so much that seeing it in such a scene may have been something you’ve always fantasized about.

●      Help us release frustration

We live in a world where several things frustrate us. One way some people relieve themselves from the frustration is with animated characters. It makes them feel like they live in another world. Hence, they tend to forget about whatever problem they face in the real world. Moreover, one thing about animation stories is that they often feature a villain that should be defeated. As such, your focus will be shifted from the problems which you can’t solve to the problems in the animation which you can solve by controlling the character.

●      We get familiar with them

Everyone at a point in their life must have watched and is still watching animated movies. As such, we are familiar with them because we associate the memory with a happy feeling. So in a way, the animated character feels like a close friend. Sometimes, some people get so familiar with an animated character that when faced with a real-life problem, they ask themselves what the character would do.


To sum things up, being turned on in my animated porn is nothing to be ashamed about. Also, you don’t need to be shy about watching. After all, animated characters are designed for entertainment. So if you are entertained by animated characters feel free to enjoy them.

Cameron Langworth

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