Why It is Not Advisable To Listen To Bad Dating Advice?

Why It is Not Advisable To Listen To Bad Dating Advice?

Advice is something that you can get from any person including your family, friends, acquaintances, or even from a stranger. So, when it comes to dating advice, think before you start listening to everyone. Whether it is some nosy aunty or your best friend, taking bad dating advice will never show you the right path.

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Here are the reasons why you should not listen to bad dating advice:

  • Indeed, women never want to hear the truth from another woman or someone who she feels is a threat to them. They will never feel want to hear or feel bad about their own life even though it is something true. Remember it is always good to accept the truth and work on it rather than just running away from it and finding an answer for your worries here and there.
  • One mistake that people do is to find people who can validate their story. Some people love taking dating advice from people who validate their story instead of challenging it. So, if you are not meeting or finding your true love then you need to accept the fact and learn to deal with it. release all the negative thoughts you got and think about the reasons that are stopping you from attracting your soulmate.
  • Most of us have the habit of holding others responsible for our failed relationships. We blame each and everyone around us for these failures and stop looking at the actual reasons for the failure. So, here it is important that we first look within ourselves for the problems that we are going through and find an answer for the same. Every time it doesn’t need to be the opposite person’s fault. We are also equally responsible in some or the other way. Accept our fault and then work on it.
  • We all must have heard about dating gurus who advise you on dating-related solutions. Though they might sound realistic and can give you the best solutions but in reality, they are just entertaining you and not giving you real solutions. Many of them just ask you to keep paying rather than helping you live life with your loved ones. Avoid getting into such guru’s advice and do what your heart feels like.
  • Many of us do have a checklist of unrealistic expectations. It is normal to have huge expectations from your Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, but keeping unrealistic expectations will keep you away from the one who is made for you. Thus, be open and try not to have false hopes, which will disappoint you further.

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