A Wedding Planner’s Take About  A Wedding Venue of Your Dream

 A Wedding Planner’s Take About  A Wedding Venue of Your Dream


 You’ll soon tie the knot and say bye-bye to the singles club. Congratulations on this life’s milestone. Holding a wedding to celebrate the nuptials is one of the most exciting moments in life. 

One may easily downplay the requirements of hosting a successful wedding.  While this may pass for some wedding details, one of the details that count for any occasion is a wedding venue.

 The events-planning space is filled with several professionals who have helped several couples actualize a colorful wedding ceremony. This primer is a wedding planner’s take on every matter about the venue.

  • Discover your uniqueness as a couple

Starting a family requires the input of the two persons involved. Choosing the ideal wedding venue is a decision that allows you to explore your differences and agree on the perfect destination. Make a list of your dream wedding venue or what you envisage it to be. 

If one loves the smell and splendor of the countryside, and the other the glamor of disco lights and noise, a wedding planner can help you accommodate each other preferences in perfect harmony.

You’ll need to be flexible for the sake of your partner without compromising style, taste, preferences, or fulfillment.

  • Be accommodating

Getting your ideal wedding venue may need you to try new trends and tastes.  For the longest time in history, weddings have been happening on weekends. However, your choosiest wedding venue may be fully booked or the remaining weekends not fit your schedule. Be flexible to explore the possibility of holding your wedding on a weekday.

The availability and price tag pegged on particular venues is often tagged to the season. Securing a high-rated wedding venue may be too expensive during peak seasons but relatively affordable in off-peak seasons. 

  • Consider your budget

Cheap is not always good. On the other hand, using lots of money does not guarantee you exceptional services. Consider the services included in the wedding venue package. The amount you pay for the location may include seats, tents, catering services among other services. 

Talk to a wedding planner near you to help you consider the most current trends in the market. You can secure an ideal location for whatever amount of money you plan so long as the package meets the bare minimum. And while at it, you do not have to sacrifice your taste or style if working with an experienced planner.

  • Visit the venue and try out samples

Some elements in a wedding are very sensitive to allow for error. Visit the catering team and have a taste of the dishes you want for your guests. Find out if the members have the necessary food handling certificates. 

Additionally, ask them if the food will be prepared on-site or it’ll be transported to the venue. Such information helps you to know the quality of culinary dishes to serve that day and make necessary changes in time.

The ambiance of your wedding grounds is a significant factor to consider for your bid day. Do your due diligence as the wedding couple but also trust the professional prowess of your hired wedding planner. 


Clare Louise

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