How Female Escort Services differ from the Prostitution?

 How Female Escort Services differ from the Prostitution?

For girls who do not know the work and contents of female escorts, they often think that “female escorts are prostitution, right?” But that’s definitely wrong! Escorts = not prostitution!!! Prostitution is the compensation for having sex.

Every sexual service provider has their own reasons for doing so. But, as in any other profession, it is it’s about earning money to secure your livelihood. There is no preparation for the activity of sexual services, but what is true for other trades also applies here: Females can become professional only through learning and experimentation.

Working with a Female Escort Agency

When you connect yourself with a Mumbai Escort Service, you are generally applied for a new job. There you can exchange information with others women and you can learn more by listening and asking questions. Colleagues who already have experience can best explain and show you which is important in the field of professional sexual services. The most important thing is to manage your daily work and stay healthy.

Every day, many clients use sexual services. But in the sex trade society is not yet recognized as a profession “Normal”. Therefore, many women hide their jobs and they lead a double life, which is stressful in the long run and maybe be an enormous psychic burden. But sincerity can come at a price and can lead to problems in the family, in relationships with the partner and with friends. Therefore, you should think carefully about whom you want to be you confess and what is the right time for that. In this case, exchanging experience with colleagues and other Mumbai Call Girls can be helpful.

Dos and Don’ts 

In the case of marketing, sex means something completely different within relationship with partner: In this case, sex is a counter service cost, by which, in exchange for money, customers’ needs are met. The things you are asked to do can be very different. Because, often, just “spreading your legs wide” is not enough: Depending on the job, for example in massage or games role, communication skills or a lot of imagination are required.

There are also differences in the number of customers or the time on you have to spend it with them. It is important to determine what you are willing to do what not. Many sex workers reject, for example, kisses with the tongue at work because they are something very intimate to them and they only practice them in personal relationships. Others do not consume alcohol while working. You may as well decide to offer only certain sexual practices – also applies to the standard sex trade offer.

Know your Limits

Always be aware of what your limits are because they are they can change over time and as a result of your experiences. It is true that earning in such professions is under your control. By no means have you had to be convinced to give up something that can protect you, for example during vaginal or anal sex, with a condom: Explain clearly to customers that you do not accept “without”. Sexual intercourse without a condom is forbidden you should never do that.

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