How to date a model?

How to date a model?

How to Date a Model – When it comes to meeting women or dating them, it is essential that you learn how to go about it properly. So, if you are still stuck with the question, how to date a model? Read on to discover some of the best and worst places to meet a model and discover what makes them tick.

  • Social Media- Many models are used to meeting and dating outside the glamour atmosphere of modeling shows. The internet has opened up so many opportunities for both male and female alike in terms of meeting other people. Where to find a model for a date? You could always meet a model somewhere, through a friend or a social media site. However, there are also many models who prefer to interact with people within the social media sphere.
  • Blogs and Online Forums- These are great places for finding out about the inner workings of other people, as well as learning about the hot girl or guy next door. Models tend to reveal their true character in these online forums and blogs. Some of the most popular forums and blogs to visit are: The Escort Made Famous, The Real Deal, and The Bachelor Pad. So, here are some of the top places to find models:
  • Fashion Shows- Most of the big fashion shows are held in a bid to showcase the new styles. This means that model will be attending and modeling for many different fashion brands at the same time. Here, you will be able to see the hot girls and guys in town, and possibly even some models you have always liked or hoped to meet. If you want to date a model, attend one of these fashion shows and make the best connections and friendships.
  • Magazine Contests- There are tons of modeling and fashion magazine contests held every year. The winners get free camera time, exposure, and many times, money. These contests give models a chance to be seen by more people, and showcase their beauty and glamour. So, if you love watching beautiful people go through makeovers, then you will probably enjoy checking out the contests that are held every so often. You may even find a hot girl or guy that you just can’t miss.
  • Post Printed Content- As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to help you understand how to date a model, but the key to really getting your target girl or guy interested is to post shared content. Posting beautiful and flattering images of themselves on modeling and fashion sites is an excellent way to entice others to check out their web site and/or blog. Once they have come across one or more attractive photos or post shared by a modeling agency or a clothing store/station, they will most likely follow the link and visit the web site in order to see what they can find.

Dating a male model

dating a male model

Dating a male model has always been a little tricky as it is, because in essence there is no way of knowing for sure if they are married or not. Some people even assume that they are not when they have a chat with them over coffee. However this is a big mistake to make as you never know what a person is hiding until you have their word.

Although you can never be sure of what they say you do have a few ways of telling. For instance, if a model seems like they are younger than they really are then this is a red flag. The older models will normally use this to get you to think that they are much younger than they actually are. Although they will not be a lot older than you, cougars tend to be much younger than the average mature model.

On top of this male models are usually classified as “cougar” models and they are much younger than the average male. Cougars are often referred to as honey traps or simply as sex kittens in the modelling industry. A real male model will not be classed as a honey trap and will be respected more for their talent and personality instead. If you want to date a male model then you should never approach them directly as they will always avoid you and will not give you their number, rather use a modelling agency or friend of a modelling agent to approach them. This is a much safer plan than approaching someone directly who could be turned away from the event by a real model.

Once you have decided to date a male model, you need to understand what his intentions are. A real male will not be too keen on meeting a cougar, so the best place to try and meet one is at a wine tasting party where they seem like a true wine connoisseur. A true wine enthusiast will have their hands full and you will be much younger than the average wine drinker so make sure you look tanned, this is vital. A cougar is always attracted to young and attractive women and you can see how much she craves your attention and energy if you play your cards right. They love meeting new people and will find any opportunity to do so more beneficial than dating a model.

If you are able to approach him at a wine tasting event then this is the perfect opportunity for dating cougars. He will be much younger than you and will have no pride in his appearance, he may be nervous about meeting someone new but if you talk politely and show interest then he may open up to you. It will be up to you whether you initiate the conversation or not, it is important to show confidence and to be friendly so that he feels comfortable about meeting with you. You need to be confident in yourself to be a good cougar caller as this is what will get the results you want.

Model agencies often offer smaller models to smaller fashion shows, they understand that not every woman is cut out to be a model. If you want to be a good dating candidate then you must not be too desperate to work with a male model. Models are generally hired by a small company who has a lot of money and wants to promote its product so it’s obvious that they will pick a person who can make the most of their money. Dating a male model will be a fun experience for you could potentially end up dating the man of your dreams.

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