Unique Ways to Boost Your Sex Life

Unique Ways to Boost Your Sex Life

There are times in your relationships when the sex is waning even when you take some of the commonly effective steps that people take to spice things up. If you tried something like going to a romantic hotel, or doing role play, and it was fun at first but you quickly noticed that it just fizzled out, then you might need to think a little more outside of the box.

Here are some truly unique ideas to get the motors running once more:

Unique Sex Toys

You might never have imagined what metal dildos and other seemingly bizarre sex toys could do for your life but if you’re experiencing what we described in the introduction, then now could be the right time for it. You may need to do some serious soul searching  and opening up of your mind, but when the conventional toys aren’t doing it any more, it’s time to look into alternatives.

Besides metal dildos, you could also look into sensual glass phalluses, or even glow-in-the-dark or hand-shaped dildos, male blowjob simulators, hyper-realistic sex dolls, butt plugs, vibrating tongue rings, and many more. The more open you are to try different things, the more likely you are to find something that will rekindle the lost fire.

Plan Some Pre-Sex Adrenaline Rush Activities

Another out-of-the-box idea for those looking for a real jazzing up of the boudoir should try doing some invigorating, adrenaline-pumping activities right before they get down to it. At the tamer end, and easy to do in Australia you have things like surfing of course, or you could somewhere and do a morning or afternoon of zip-lining before retiring to your cabin. Alternatively, you could take it a lot further and plan something really massive like a couple’s skydive.

The adrenaline rush gets the juices flowing, and couples report that it can really stimulate some of the most amazing sex and inspire some great new ideas to make things more interesting so that in future you don’t always have to rely on jumping out of a plane to get each other going.

Bring a TV into the Room

Several years ago, there was a UK survey published in the Daily Mail that revealed Brits who put a TV in their bedroom ended up having more sex. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, a good setup where a TV can be used to show erotic movies and porn on a bigger screen can do a lot to add a sexier atmosphere to the bedroom.

More interestingly, however, it was found that having a TV in the room could also lead to more sex because when a couple was in bed watching a more boring TV show together, it would quite likely lead to the two having sex to create a more entertaining and enjoyable situation together. It’s an odd way to bring people together, for sure, but if it works for some, then why not give it a try?

Getting a Sweat On

Women in particular are apparently highly drawn to the smell of men’s sweat. However the may object to the odour in everyday life, in a sexual context it is one of the primary driving forces behind her producing more cortisol — the sex hormone. It’s actually something that was established quite some time ago.

So, for those couples wanting to create the right atmosphere trying this unique nature-driven method, one partner could try really working up a good sweat before coming into the bedroom where the other partner could be gearing themselves up for a real explosive show using some of their new sex toys.


Caitlyn Hoeger

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